The Studio


Ink & Style


Ink & Style is an award winning tattoo studio and hair salon. Owned by Inkmaster (Spike TV) Nick D'Angelo.
Our experienced tattoo team is one of a kind all trained by Nick, a nationally award winning artist. At Ink & Style we require the highest level of sterilization possible from all artists. Artists are required to use a fully disposable, German engineered tattooing system. This system was designed to be clean, effortless and cause less skin trauma therefore leading to tattoos that heal better.
We know receiving a new tattoo can be stressful and overwhelming. Even to a seasoned client, which is why our artists are highly trained on preventing cross contamination and infection. 
All artists are required to use a disposable (disposable means EXTREMELY safe for you) needle cartridge system engineered by Cheyenne Inc. in Germany. Cheyenne has created one of the best tattooing systems on the market, their machines have improved healing time of the tattoos we do by causing less trauma to the skin, while at the same time placing more pigment in the skin. 
This leads to a tattoo that looks better when healed, and vibrant colors that last years longer! Did we mention that these tattoo machines make no noise? That means it doesn't sound like we are tattooing you with a lawn mower.
Tattoo ink is important also. Our artists are REQUIRED to use only Fusion Ink or Eternal Ink brands, the same inks provided to all the artists on Inkmaster and Tattoo Nightmares. Proven worldwide to be the brightest and safest colors period. Hand in hand with the highest pigment counts, and most rigorous safety testing these inks are the only things we will trust using on our clientele. 
 We hope to see you soon.